Corrosion protection for your business

The grease in the wheels of international trade
The grease in the wheels of international trade

Have you ever used a lubricant like WD-40 at home? I’m told a similar product in Germany is Caramba.

It’s one of those products that can turn its hand to virtually anything. Not just for squeaky hinges and stiff door handles.

You can use it successfully to unstick chewing gum, release stuck Lego, and remove crayon from wallpaper (it may be hard to believe but a friend has tried this and it works like a dream). Waterproof your shoes, clean dead insects from car, repel slugs and snails, remove stuck rings from fingers, shine surfaces prior to photographing objects on them – apparently the surface shine improves the look of your products so they look amazing for eBay.

And all of these uses were discovered from people experimenting and sheer frustration, probably, that nothing else worked. Using a product designed in 1953 by a team of three as a rust-preventative solvent and degreaser for the aerospace industry.

Random trivia fact: WD-40 stands for “Water Displacement perfected on the 40th try”.
The ultimate product or service is one that you can use in multiple ways to get the best return on your investment.

Another oil with multiple uses

Many manufacturers produce a product with one aim in mind and then discover other uses for it in a variety of industries. A company I used to work for produces a pharmaceutical-grade ink that can be used to print on tablets, identifying logos, words, anything you like. It now also gets used on confectionery and applications such as packaging that comes into contact with food.

Comprehensive translation services

In my industry we tend to offer translation or interpreting or proofreading or copywriting or… basically separating the services out. However, what most of my clients need doesn’t fit nicely into one category or another. Often it involves part translation, part editing, part consultation, part brainstorming of headlines and titles for research papers. Sometimes I’ll be asked to watch a video of a workshop and write a highlights summary in English to promote in various places. Often one translation can be used in multiple places with a few tweaks.

Working with me is like having that handy can of WD-40 in your cupboard.

  • Anytime you need to polish up some rusty English, get in touch and I’ll make it sparkle to attract the best buyers.
  • Perhaps you’re not getting the leads you need from your international marketing? Let me lubricate your message and get it running smoothly again.
  • Are you in a sticky situation because you’re on a deadline and a supplier’s let you down? Let’s clean away that stickiness and get you back on track.

Translation. Like corrosion protection for your business in the English-speaking world.