Proofreading And Editing By A Native English Speaker

Your English is excellent, you’re used to speaking with international clients and writing reports in a second language so you’re more than happy to write your marketing material, presentations, or document your research discoveries in English.

But you’d like a second opinion, the reassurance provided by a native speaker checking the text and giving you the thumbs up. A native English speaker may notice something you haven’t and, living in an English-speaking country, will be up to date with the latest trends and the cultural references that may or may not work.

Why might you need native English proofreading?

Sometimes you’re too close and can’t see the woods for the Bäume.

Your eyes won’t always pick up neu when it should be ‘new’. If the odd die gets left instead of translated to ‘the’, your English reader will wonder what on earth they’ve done to offend you!

Sometimes it’s more subtle. The odd incorrect word choice and grammar issue can make the text stand out for all the wrong reasons. It could mean the difference between your research paper getting published or another delay while you clarify the reviewers’ questions.

If you’ve got non-native English on your website, you might never know how you can help your prospective clients because they won’t contact you. They’ve decided you might not have the attention to detail they’re looking for. Or that you don’t care enough about them to provide native-level English support. It’s unfair because you know that’s not true, but first impressions matter and you can’t always win over these potential clients in person.

It happens, that’s why I have a proofreader for my translations. A second pair of fresh eyes to catch human error and make suggestions so that the words catapult your reader into action.

It’s no good having excellent customer service, amazing products, or exciting research discoveries if your message isn’t getting across to the right people.

Typical texts I’ve worked on include:

  • Research papers
  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • Articles
  • Presentation slides and talks
  • Technical data sheets

Book your proofreading or editing project with me and get:


If your English translation is already perfect or at least sehr gut, I’ll let you know and won’t make any unnecessary changes. There’s no point messing with something that works.

How does it work?

When you contact me for a proofreading or editing project, I’ll ask you a few questions about the text (unless you’ve
already provided this information). These questions include:

  • Who will be reading the text?
    Experts, businesses, the general public, international including non-native English speakers or specific GB or US readers. A text written for PhD scientists will read differently to a text aimed at the general public.
  • Where will it be published?
    I’ll look at author guidelines for journals, any length restrictions, keywords you want to include and make sure the links are working (and are in the right language) for web-based texts.
  • Which language variant do you need?
    You want your brand to be consistent and that includes the language. If one webpage says colour (UK) and another color (US), it all starts to look a bit messy. Specify the language variant upfront to avoid any confusion.

Your answers to these questions help me focus on what matters to you, so that you get the best possible value out of your review. Download my translation brief to make sure everything’s covered.

In a nutshell

I’ll tell you how much the proofreading will cost and we agree a delivery date that works for us both. Then you can move on to something more pressing, safe in the knowledge that your documents are getting 5-star treatment from a native English speaker.

Proofreading/Editing Service

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