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Helping You Create a Lasting Impression
with Your Research

German to English Translations for the Food Industry

You want your English texts to be as silky smooth as a premium beer. No unpleasant aftertaste, just a lingering impression you want to savour.

To do that you need someone who understands the science behind the words. You may have already worked with translators who didn’t grasp your carefully articulated research. Those who didn’t follow correct scientific nomenclature, who unintentionally overlooked industry terminology or who couldn’t visualise the industrial process. Hopefully you caught any errors before they reflected badly on you or caused readers to misinterpret your results.

The attention to detail you use in the lab, I apply to my scientific translations.

A Translator with a Lab Coat

As you know, it takes a while to create the perfect balance of ingredients, adjust recipes, and meet all the necessary regulatory requirements. And it was no different with my career path. It’s not often you meet a translator with a lab coat but I earnt it along with my chemistry (and German) degree with the hours spent among the test tubes and fume cupboards and getting to grips with gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis.

Since then I’ve decided to switch my lab coat for work that doesn’t need a COSHH assessment, worked for a few multinational manufacturers, and added a translation qualification to my CV. After 11 years (and counting) of helping chemical companies promote their valuable research and services on an international scale, I now like to think I’m the perfect blend of scientific linguist.
My clients – who include the Research Center for Brewing and Food Quality – seem to agree anyway.

You’ve probably read my work before. I help my clients by editing and proofreading their non-native English papers so they get published in leading industry journals.

I’ve accelerated the time to publication and given them more time to further their research and assist their clients.
I translate reports on their analytical results or inspections that help brewers and food chemists improve their products and rectify any issues faster than you can say obligate beer-spoilage microorganism.

Let me save you time – I can translate your German research into my native English or proofread English texts you’ve written yourself for extra reassurance.

Making Life Easier

Here’s how I can make your life easier and give you more time to focus on advancing scientific knowledge, selling your products and services, and training the next generation.
I deal with a select group of businesses because I spend time getting to know each and every one, and celebrate your successes with you. I want you to do well and I’ll often add a few extra suggestions if inspiration strikes. If I spot something that your target reader may find hard to swallow, I’ll let you know and suggest an alternative solution.

You get more time to spend on your business, your research, or with your staff. All while I craft a translation you can be proud of.

My clients value my hassle-free, on-time and professional service. I may have a few questions on certain details of your text – you’re the expert after all – but I like to make the process as quick and enjoyable as possible.

No more choosing a translation service because it’s local and therefore easier. Make your choice based on the results and best fit for you and your industry.

I live in the UK but regularly travel to Germany and Austria for industry events and to meet my clients in person. You can speak and write to me in German, pay in euros, and even talk face-to-face via video conferencing software.

High-quality, engaging translations that best reflect your brand. My clients stay with me because they don’t need to go anywhere else.

Quality guaranteed. You’ll receive native English texts written by an expert, that have been quality assured by a second pair of eyes, my trusted proofreader. My chemical background ensures technical accuracy, and as a native English speaker, I understand the cultural nuances of your English-speaking market.

Your reputation is in safe hands. Never again deal with a translator who can’t tell a beer spoiler from a phenolic off-flavour.

More Than Just Translation​

Whether you want to get published in a trade journal, wow your clients, or contribute your exciting results to the advancement of science and food safety, you need a translation that works hard and smart. 

You want people to be engaged enough to read the finer details of your discoveries, not just skim the headlines. 

You want your clients to sit up and take note of your expertise when you’re reporting on areas for improvement. And you want enquiries from the right people to further your goals.

Let me help.

Start by sending me an email and tell me what you want to achieve.

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