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Scale-up Your International Sales

German to English Translations For Chemical Manufacturers

Chemical manufacturers who regularly need translations into English usually take one of two approaches:

  1. Choose a local translation service and pay for a professional job. Then spend valuable time correcting specialist terminology your professional but generalist translator just couldn’t grasp.
  2. Do the translation yourself. After all, you know your industry best and speak fluent English. It delays your other work, but this way you’re satisfied with the result.

Both of these routes can be frustrating and waste your time and money. If you don’t catch the errors in time, you’ve got to deal with the outcome – which can be embarrassing and costly, for instance if you need to do another print run of your sales brochure. Or if a translator has mistranslated a chemical on your product label or technical documentation.

If translation has become a drain on your time and makes you groan inwardly – when it should be a case of sending a quick email and getting on with something else – I want you to know there is a third way.

A translator who understands Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and your regulatory requirements because she’s walked a mile in your colleagues’ steel toe-capped boots. A translator who understands that your time and money is valuable, and that neither should be wasted.

A Translator with Industrial Experience

From the university lab, where I earnt my lab coat and chemistry degree, I scaled up and worked in industry for a few years. Chemical trials, safety data sheets, and workflow reporting became part of my daily routine in a paper mill along with even more personal protective equipment (PPE). Since then, I’ve worked for global manufacturers in the flooring and pharmaceutical industry, who introduced me to the world of SOPs, export, regulatory and QC documentation.

In 2008 I switched to work that doesn’t need an in-depth health and safety assessment, and added a translation qualification to my name. Chemical companies like you now work with me to promote their products and services to a global market. These include:

When Science Meets Engineering

Scientific and technical fields frequently overlap. While I call myself The Chemical Translator, others may describe me as a technical translator. Rest assured, I often deal with translations on machinery and equipment. And collaborate with trusted colleagues who specialise in related fields. So, if the topic veers off into something outside my comfort zone, I’ll call on their expertise to guarantee you the right results.

If you prefer to write the English texts yourself, I also offer proofreading and editing services for extra reassurance.

Making Life Easier​

Here’s how I can make your life easier and give you more time to focus on product launches, keeping up with REACH regulations, and selling your products and services.

I deal with a select group of businesses because I spend time getting to know each and every one, and celebrate your successes with you. I want you to do well and I’ll often add a few extra suggestions if inspiration strikes. If I spot something that your target reader may struggle to relate to, I’ll let you know and suggest an alternative solution.

You get more time to spend on your business, optimising your processes, or with your staff. All while I craft a translation you can be proud of.

My clients value my hassle-free, on-time and professional service. I may have a few questions on certain details of your text – you’re the expert after all – but I like to make the process as quick and enjoyable as possible.

No more choosing a translation service because it’s local and therefore easier. Make your choice based on the results and best fit for you and your industry.

I live in the UK but regularly travel to Germany and Austria for industry events and to meet my clients in person. You can speak and write to me in German, pay in euros, and even talk face-to-face via video conferencing software.

High-quality, engaging translations that best reflect your brand. My clients stay with me because they don’t need to go anywhere else.
Quality guaranteed. You’ll receive native English texts written by an expert, that have been quality assured by a second pair of eyes, my trusted proofreader. My chemical and industrial background ensures technical accuracy, and as a native English speaker, I understand the cultural nuances of your English-speaking market.
Your reputation is in safe hands. Never again deal with a translator who can’t tell their lean manufacturing from their elbow.

More Than Just Translation​​

Whether you want a translation of technical documentation or analytical reports for clients or other sites, or brochures, presentation slides and press releases to attract potential buyers, you need a translation that works hard and smart. You want people to be engaged enough to read the finer details of your products’ benefits, not just skim the headlines. You want your clients to sit up and take note of your expertise and you want enquiries from the right type of business partners to scale-up your international sales.

Let me help.

Start by sending me an email at [email protected] and tell me what you want to achieve.

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