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To get the best results from anything you need to know what you want to achieve. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But when it comes to specialist services you may not know what’s important.

This translation brief guides you through the key questions on your project. Your answers give your translator, agency, or colleague everything they need from you to produce the best possible text. You can even use it yourself to make sure you cover all the angles to get the right results.

Download the pdf and start filling it out today.
(You can right click on the link to download the file to your computer.)

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From Fluent to Fantastic

Hints, tips and tweaks from a native speaker to propel your English and take it from fluent to flawless. A short and useful guide to help you avoid some of the traps I see on websites and brochures written by non-native speakers.

Discover why überzeugend shouldn’t always be translated as ‘convincing’, why Informationen causes problems and pH-value is incorrect.

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