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Expert Translations for the Chemical Industry

How it works:

First Steps

I’ll send you my translation brief, or you can download it here. This makes sure we’ve covered all the angles and know what we’re working towards. Maybe you need translation or perhaps you’ve got an English text that you’d like edited. Send me your document for translation or editing, which I’ll handle confidentially, and a few details on timings, audience and purpose of the text as requested in the brief.


From this I can provide a quotation, or action plan, which will be a detailed project definition that clearly defines the project cost, timings, format and scope, including any special requirements. You and your company are unique, after all.

My action plan is designed to give you absolute clarity on what will be done, how, and when so that you can leave your project with me knowing every detail is covered.

Once you’re happy with the details and ready to go ahead, send me an editable version of your text (if you haven’t already) and I’ll get cracking.


I’ll get busy creating a native English translation written in a way that makes the science clear. You’re the expert in your company, so if you’re writing about innovative products and processes like many of my clients, I might have a couple of questions to clarify specific aspects of your text. If so, I’ll be in touch to ensure your translation is technically accurate and tailored to both your company and industry. As well as being a compelling read for your English-speaking readers.

Quality Assurance

Just as you monitor the quality of your products, I guarantee a polished, high-quality text by working with a carefully selected colleague who reviews my translations. Two heads are better than one!


Your translated text will be delivered on time and will be ready for use, saving you time and hassle. You’ve got better things to worry about than chasing delivery and reformatting texts to fit your purpose. For example, if you have a brochure, where space is an issue, I’ll make it work as agreed and deliver the finished document, ready for printing. Let me take some of the strain.


If you’re delighted with my service, if you’d like a few tweaks to the delivered document, or if you think there’s room for improvement, I want to know. I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my service even better and help make your life easier.

Sound good to you?

Send me your completed translation brief to with your document for translation or editing and let’s get you your native English expert translation.