German to English chemical translations for international sales. Sarah Silva

Are You Missing Out on Business in the British Market?

I'll give you the insider tips on how to break through the cultural barriers and turboboost your profits in the British market!

You speak English, but that’s only half the battle.

To really succeed in Britain, you also need to think like a native and get to grips with our small but feisty island. If you’re frustrated because you’re not getting the straight answers you need – and more importantly the sales you know are possible – this is the book for you.

The Insider's Guide To Doing Business With The Brits

Getting a bigger share of the British market despite budget cuts, Brexit, and regulatory nonsense means refining your export approach. Focusing on effective strategies and knowing the cultural shortcuts will save you time and money, and will grow your business in Britain.
Packed with hints, tips, real-life experience and strategies to implement right away, this book will be your go-to reference for international business and you’ll discover how to maximise your profits in the British market.
Buy your copy now for £17.97 with free shipping. I’ll send your book as soon as your order lands in my inbox so you can start taking strategic action towards getting more British clients sharpish.
Small Island, Big Business

Buy your copy now for £17.97 with free shipping.

Don't just take my word for it, here's what others have to say:
I lived 7 years in the UK, so I had a lot of learnings. Which means, at the beginning I did everything wrong. My Germanic favourite used to be criticising a lot. You don't do that in the UK! (well I guess you would not write exclamation marks either) I wished I had a guide telling me what to do and what not. The guide book is now here, written by my friend Sarah Silva! It is called "Small Island, Big Business". Understanding a foreign culture is such an important step for doing business in that country, especially if your own culture is quite different. So if you are expanding your market to the UK or if just want to read a well-written & amusing book about British culture, click on the link for a special pre-launch price of the book!
Martin von Wolfersdorff
After a few years of working and living on the island, I can definitely confirm that the mentality in the UK is indeed different, of course, since it comes with a different cultural heritage and on top of that it is an island with no borders to the European main land. Germans are generally considered as very direct in what they have to say, straight-forward and efficient. These are all great values but it can sometimes present a hurdle when it comes to doing business together. I therefore highly recommend Sarah Silva's book.
Nadine Renk
About the author:
Born and bred in England, yet with international experience and language skills (gasp!), my foreign colleagues claimed me as one of their own. Since 2008 I’ve been working as a specialist translator helping my clients adapt their message for the British market. I still get called on by my foreign friends and business partners to explain British behaviour, our hidden messages and how to cope with our cultural oddities. You’ll find all that and more – applied to your business – inside this book.
Small Island, Big Business

Buy your copy now for £17.97 with free shipping.