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Typically British – International Tea Day

How do you like yours? Mine’s top right: strong, black tea with milk, hold the sugar At times of crisis, Britons put the kettle on. It’s no surprise then, that sales of tea have increased sharply since lockdown. And today, 21 May 2020, we’re celebrating International Tea Day! Tea is used to soothe nerves, enjoy with a biscuit or cake,…

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Bear Grylls, a Rock Face, and a Cup of Tea

I was always brought up to have a cup of tea halfway up a rock face. Bear GryllsWhat a great quote. You’re imagining it now, aren’t you? The rugged survival guy breaking his climb to be quintessentially British with a cup of tea. I’m pretty sure this involves a thermos flask and not a bone china cup and saucer but…

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