Bear Grylls, a Rock Face, and a Cup of Tea

I was always brought up to have a cup of tea halfway up a rock face.
Bear Grylls

What a great quote. You’re imagining it now, aren’t you? The rugged survival guy breaking his climb to be quintessentially British with a cup of tea. I’m pretty sure this involves a thermos flask and not a bone china cup and saucer but that’s what I envisaged.

It’s a great opener and all credit to Towergate Insurance, who sent this to me in an email. They followed with this: You might not be half-way up a rock face right now but you are halfway through your Professional Liability policy… 

They found a way to make insurance interesting. That’s clever.

It’s genius and an obvious link if you think about it. Extreme sports enthusiasts and adventurers are a high risk for insurance – how do you insure someone who breaks their back in a parachuting accident, nearly drowns in a fast-flowing jungle river, and willingly pushes themselves to the limit? But what thrilling stories they make.

The opener made me smile and instantly more receptive to the rest of their email, which was just to keep in touch and remind me of a few details. Usually, you get a reminder a week or so before your insurance is due for renewal asking for money. No-one likes that kind of reminders so ultimately, an email or letter from an insurance company causes you to groan inwardly. The alternative, keeping in touch with your clients just to say hi and not just when you’re asking for something is refreshing. Are you doing this?

A Strong Finish

They even ended the email with a smile: If you are in fact half-way up a rock face, and you’ve left your home unoccupied, you might want to look at our Unoccupied Property Insurance.
A little call to action, a hint that they offer other products plus they make you feel good.

Despite the fact that you’re sitting at your desk, possibly with a snack and a cuppa, still holding a little extra weight than you’d like (just me?), this insurance company believes in you. You’re an adventurer ready to throw yourself out of a plane for pleasure at any given time. Yes indeed, I may just go and book a jungle trek, or perhaps just a flight to that industry conference I want to attend. Oh, travel insurance… where can I get that from I wonder…

So many businesses forget the fun you can have when building long-term relationships. No matter how serious your product, find a way to make your clients smile and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Now, go and book that skydive!