Don’t Take Sweets From A Stranger, But A Book From A Friend Is Fine

Don’t take sweets from strangers!

Did your parents ever teach you that as a kid? Because if there’s a stranger lurking around the school gates with free sweets to entice you into their car, they’re clearly up to no good.

That kind of advice has stuck with many of us and when we’re offered anything for free, there’s a niggling feeling that something’s not right.

You have to let your prospective clients get to know, like, and trust you before they enter your world.

Now we’re friends by now. You know a bit about my life, my thoughts, and business… I even know a little about you if you’ve replied to any of my emails.

But even though we’re not strangers any more, I get that you still want to know why I’m offering my Kindle book for free for the next 72 hours (13-15.06.18). So this is why:

To boost awareness of me and my business.
To help more people do business with the British and do it better, more easily, and with greater returns.
To encourage more Amazon reviews (because they matter to rankings and all sorts of things for future sales), and
To dish the dirt on translators and interpreters – exactly what we do and how it can help you (because most translators hide away and you don’t know they exist).

Honest and open. If that sounds fair to you, you’ll want to know what you’re getting. So if you want to hear from someone who’s read the book and wrote a lovely review, here’s what Miriam had to say:

      “In her book “Small Island Big Business” Sarah shares her insights in terms of doing business with the British.
Throughout her book, Sarah breaks down cultural barriers which you might face when doing business in the British market.
As an entrepreneur myself, I appreciate that she gives practical advice which makes it easier to apply and implement to your own business. Big thumbs up for action-oriented advice leading to major results.
Furthermore, Sarah does a great job in explaining the importance of “identifying your ideal client” as well as “positioning yourself as an expert”.

You’ll benefit from reading Sarah’s book if you would like to get a better understanding of how the British mind operates. Sarah gives practical advice for everyone who wishes to grow his business in Britain.

You haven’t read Sarah’s book yet? – Order it today and share your opinion with us!”

You heard the lady, head to your local Amazon page and grab a free copy of Small Island Big Business, The Insider’s Guide to Success in the British Market. Share with friends and colleagues, and if you already have a copy, I’d love a review 😉

If you prefer the feel of a shiny new book in your hand and don’t do digital, head over here to order a paperback version directly from me and a free gift.