Do You Make These Mistakes When Working With the English Market?

  • 1. Do you think that the Brits say exactly what they mean?
  • 2. Do you believe your customers really care about your price?
  • 3. Do you frighten people off with your focus on detail?
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  • The truth about plain English and how clarity is a vital tool when exporting
  • Why your customers don't care about your price – yes, really! Discover why expertise, trust and being easy to work with are much more valuable (and will keep your client smiling even after they get your invoice)
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  • You're serious about growing your business abroad and want to work with the English market. (48% of the globe has English as its primary or secondary official language. That's a huge market.)
  • You know your reputation matters and you don't want to lose sales by making avoidable mistakes in your marketing
  • You want the insider information on the English market from someone who's a native Brit and has worked with different nationalities for the past 12 years
  • You know you've got the edge over your competition but could do with a couple of tips to make things easier and help communicate accross borders
  • You speak and write English and would like to keep up to date with the latest terminology

Why I can help:

In the past 9 years as a German to English scientific translator I’ve seen tens of thousands of pages of text written for the English market. I’ve helped my clients avoid some critical mistakes in their translations and adapt their text for the right audience.  

What my clients say:

“Sarah's work was exemplary and I would recommend her without hesitation. She has a careful eye for detail, an impressively thorough knowledge of her specialist field and an assured way of making a translation sound natural in English.”
Seiriol Dafydd
German to English and Welsh Translator,
“Sarah is one of the most professional freelance translators I know. She is fast, produces high quality texts and communication with her is very easy. I can highly recommend Sarah.”
Nadine Renk
Project Manager

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Don't Make These Mistakes When Working With the English Market

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