Is Your English Making You Stand Out For All The Wrong Reasons?

You’ve just launched a fantastic new product. The website looks great, the promotional materials are being prepared for the trade fair, you’re feeling pretty organised. 

But there’s that niggling feeling, that little voice asking “Are you sure?” when you look at the English text. It looks ok, but maybe a native speaker will notice something you haven’t. Will it get the results you need?

Why Do You Need to Put Your English Under the Microscope?

Sometimes you’re too close and can’t see the woods for the Bäume

Your eyes won’t always pick up neu when it should be ‘new’. If the odd die gets left instead of translated to ‘the’, your English reader will wonder what on earth they’ve done to offend you! 

Sometimes it’s more subtle. The odd incorrect word choice and grammar issue can make the text stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

You’ll never know how you can help your prospective clients because they won’t contact you. They’ve decided you might not have the attention to detail they’re looking for. Or that you don’t care enough about them to provide native-level English support.

It happens, that’s why I have a proofreader for my translations. A second pair of fresh eyes to catch human error and make suggestions so that the words catapult your reader into action. 

It’s no good having excellent customer service or amazing products if your message isn’t getting across to the right people. 


  • A video showing my screen when I’m critiquing your English text. See what I’m referring to without having to jump back and forth, which means you can just sit back and make a few notes. But only a few because you also get…
  • A personalised written report on what I’ve covered for you to use as an action plan
  • Suggestions for improving the English to appeal to your target market and native speakers
  • A native Brit’s honest perspective on your message. I will NOT let you make any cultural slip-ups
  • Credit where it’s due. I’ll highlight what’s working to reassure you. No second guessing yourself or worrying about mistakes that aren’t there.


Even better – if you book me for any translation work in the 6 months following your review, it’s fully redeemable. I’ll credit you the entire amount. 

What if your English is perfect?

I offer a guarantee. If your English translation is already perfect or at least sehr gut, I’ll let you know and refund you immediately. No point messing with something that works. (If it’s not working because you’re not getting English clients then that’s a different issue but we can have a chat about that too.)

What happens when I click the Book button?

Once you’ve entered your name and email address, you’ll get an email from me to discuss payment by bank transfer or PayPal and a questionnaire to complete (in English or German) covering the details of what you’d like reviewed, your target market, what you want to achieve etc. This helps me focus on what matters to you, so that you get the best possible value out of your review.

Find out if your English is hitting the target and get suggestions to boost your sales!

Put Your English Under the Microscope

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