German to English translations for the
coatings industry

German to English translations for the coatings industry

Working together to create the perfect finish

Paint and coatings manufacturers who regularly need translations in their international marketing usually take one of two approaches:
  1. Pick a translator or translation agency and pay for a professional job. Then spend valuable time correcting specialist terminology they just couldn’t grasp.
  2. Do the translation yourself. After all, you know your industry best and speak fluent English. It stops your other work, but this way you’re satisfied with the result.

There is a third way

A translator who knows your industry and your market. Who understands that your time and money is valuable, and that neither can be wasted.

My services include translations, editing, or writing articles for German businesses that include:

  • A paint company with a turnover of 92 million euros a year
  • A chemical manufacturer that posted €4.9 billion in 2017
  • A trade journal with a readership of 24,000 coatings professionals
Just like them, you’ve got enough to worry about being REACH compliant, customising your formulations, and reducing VOCs.

Making Life Easier

Here’s how I can make your life easier – and ultimately more profitable.

You get a partner who is invested in your results. I deal with a select group of businesses because I spend time getting to know each and every one, and celebrate your successes with you.

You get more time to spend on your business, or with your staff. All while I craft a translation you can be proud of.

No more choosing a translation service because it’s local and therefore easier. Make your choice based on the results and best fit for you and your industry. I live in the UK but regularly travel to Germany and Austria for industry events and to meet my clients in person. You can speak to me in German, pay in euros, and talk face-to-face via video conferencing software.

High-quality, engaging translations that best reflect your brand. My clients stay with me because they don’t need to go anywhere else.

You’ll receive native English texts written by an expert, that have been quality assured by a second pair of eyes, my trusted proofreader.

Never again deal with a translator who can’t tell a binder from a dispersant. Your reputation is in safe hands.

More Than Just Translation

Just as a functional coating does more than just covers a surface, it’s not enough to simply “cover” your German documents with English words and phrases. You need a translation that works hard and smart, generating the international enquiries and sales you need to grow your business.

And it’s easy to find. Just email me at [email protected] and make your next project the most satisfying yet.

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